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Individual Account

An account at a brokerage, bank, company or anywhere that a single person is responsible for debits and credits thereto. An individual account contrasts with a joint account and a partnership account, both of which may have more than one account holder.
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individual account

A brokerage account opened in the name of one person. Compare joint account.
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The ministry has also been instructed to implement indexation of the pension capital accumulated in the insurance part of individual accounts in the personal accounting system.
THE Spice Girls initially set up individual accounts to handle their millions - but 20 years on the funds are not as full.
It is worth clarifying here that concerned individual accounts rather than their corporate businesses have been put in suspension until final court rulings.
* With a broad approach, the external attacker gains access through weaknesses within the financial institution's security stance to obtain a large number of individual accounts.
a pro rata method of allocating expenses among individual accounts (i.e., allocations made on the basis of assets in the individual account) would appear in most cases to be an equitable method of allocation of expenses among participants ..."
The survey revealed that couples who maintain individual accounts do so for a variety of reasons, ranging from independence (30%) to emergencies (21%), and use a wide range of account types (18%) such as savings, business and more.
The Social Media Masters Forum, set to take place next month in Bahrain, will start accepting nominations for awards in government, corporate entities and individual accounts from November 17.
Some policymakers support restructuring the program through the creation of individual accounts (i.e., a pre-funded system in which benefits would be based increasingly on personal savings and investments).
After some pundit chatter about whether Facebook really had the number of active users it was claiming it had, the firm admitted that it couldn't really know for sure that all of its 845 million users worldwide were individual accounts.
Pupils and staff now pay for their meals at break and lunch by scanning their fingerprints, with funds being deducted from their individual accounts.

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