Independent project

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Independent project

A project whose acceptance or rejection is independent of the acceptance or rejection of other projects.

Independent Project

A project that is not part of or dependent on any other project. Thus, the funding of an independent project does not depend on another project receiving funding first.
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Other updates and additions include multiple run-times for running multiple independent projects simultaneously on the same platform; dedicated shape-finding tools for locating circles, ellipses, rectangles, and line segments; and the addition of a code-grading step.
Japan, he added, is a role model for economic progress and should roll out independent projects for Pakistan.
An ICO, meanwhile, is the first sale and issuance of a new virtual currency to the public usually for the purpose of raising capital for start-up companies or funding independent projects.
In addition to her mainstream award-winning musical catalogue, the multi-talented star has released 9 independent projects on her own label Planet 9, receiving a 2017 Grammy nomination for Best Traditional R&B album.
Salt Lake City -- THE UTAH FILM COMMISSION announced that four independent projects were approved for state film incentives by the GOVERNOR'S OFFICE OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT (GOED) board.
He will succeed Brian Kulick, who will continue to direct independent projects and teach at Columbia University.
The private sector companies could avail opportunities to implement independent projects for power generation, water desalination, construction, operation or lease of power transmission lines, management of current facilities, or provision of services to customers, the report added.
Away from Sue, her independent projects have seen her narrate Celebrity Driving School and pen two books: From Here to Maternity and Going Gaga.
Last month, OPWP picked UK-based PricewaterhouseCoopers as financial adviser, DLA Piper as legal adviser, and Germany's Fichtner as technical adviser.The project is planned to join two other independent projects in the Salalah system, which is separate from the main interconnected system (MIS) of Oman.
The Crumbs have been living in a village in France for the past two decades, collaborating and pursuing their own independent projects. Now Kominsky-Crumb has a show opening at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art in New York.
This edition brings together 90 contemporary art galleries from 20 countries, half being international, featuring art initiatives, independent projects and publications along with art institutions in addition to exhibitions.

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