two-dollar broker

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Two-Dollar Broker

A broker who conducts trades for another broker's client because the second broker is too busy to do so. The commission the client pays goes to his/her own broker, but the two dollar broker receives a portion from the other broker. Originally, this commission was $2, but now it is negotiated between the two brokers.

two-dollar broker

A member of a securities exchange who executes orders for other members. A two-dollar broker performs essentially the same function as a commission broker except that he or she is independent rather than a representative of a specific firm. Also called independent broker.
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This is the kind of advantage that independent brokers provide because their very livelihood is tied to the firm through personal ownership--and their clients' success means their success.
The first group was previously known as Independent Brokers, but is currently working on a new name because of concerns that even large firms have independent brokers.
created Web portal Life App Express to streamline the company's application process for its career agents and independent brokers.
UnumProvident Corporation (NYSE: UNM) announced that a jury in the Superior Court in Worcester, Massachusetts, returned a verdict on Friday, April 13, 2001 in favor of UnumProvident's subsidiaries in a class action brought by two independent brokers on behalf of a class of more than 33,000 brokers.
Sovereign offers primarily mid to small commercial lines coverage through independent brokers across Canada.
Distribution: Captive agents and independent brokers.
announced that 28 independent brokers have joined the Home-Link program via a single contract with the Independent Brokers Network (IBN).
Centum provides industry leading mortgage business systems support, technology, expertise, financial products and relationships to enable independent brokers to effectively compete and succeed in their local marketplace.
Distribution: Career agents, independent brokers, wirehouses, banks, other financial institutions, regional independent broker-dealers
The national resources of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate combined with the strength of Grubb & Ellis in the area will enable the companies to offer substantial growth opportunities to independent brokers throughout the region of California south of San Luis Obispo and Bakersfield.
In the past, we've had opportunities through carrier groups to get to know other independent brokers in the same market segments we serve.
About 68% of independent brokers use the Internet for business purposes, and 55% use it for business purposes on a daily basis, according to a survey commissioned by Benefitmall.

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