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While the independent agent channel has strong assets, an incremental, piecemeal approach to tackling these challenges is unlikely to be successful, the survey says.
Even with all the negative talk about the future of the independent agent I still believe very strongly that being an independent agent is a great opportunity and profession.
864-7(d)(3)(i) states, "[t]he determination of whether an agent is an independent agent .
On the other hand, Allstate's independent agent brand has grown, as has its online auto brand--Esurance--over the same period.
They make the agent pay by going to a direct response company or a direct writer who can do what the independent agent can't.
864-7(d) (3) (i) defines an independent agent as a "general commission agent, broker, or other agent of an independent status acting in the ordinary course of his business.
Blogging has become an essential ingredient in independent agent Andy Kosick's marketing to potential clients.
The Helping Agents Grow campaign includes templates for ads for print, radio and TV that demonstrate the benefits of working with an independent agent.

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