income stream

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Income Stream

The money a company generates on a regular basis. For example, a company may have a steady income stream from its primary client, and periodic revenue from other, smaller clients. An income stream connotes steady pay. See also: Cash flow.
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income stream

A steady flow of money from a property.When evaluating the property, one has to evaluate the strength and durability of the income stream.

Example: Is the tenant a national tenant with good financial strength, excellent prospects for continued health, and a 20-year lease on the property with rent adjustments annually to reflect cost-of-living increases, or is the tenant a start-up business with a 1-year lease in an area already saturated with similar businesses? Those two income streams are markedly different from each other.

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Councillor Shaun Davies, leader of Telford & Wrekin Council, said they wanted someone who could generate new income streams and find investment for the town.
It's also best to put a lot of effort into working on active income streams when you're younger and have the energy.
Investors are reducing risk and protecting income streams through diversification.
Aon ( plc announced the launch of a new non-damage business interruption (NDBI) cover which is designed to protect the income streams of the growing number of companies with high levels of intangible assets, such as those operating in the gig economy.
He said these grants had allowed these female entrepreneurs to establish their own businesses having wide diversity, which is now providing them with regular and growing income streams.
There are several traditional income streams that retirees should consider.
Aside from day-to-day sight tests and the sale of spectacles or contact lenses, many practices also have other related income streams. The income from sight tests is only VAT exempted where the primary purpose of a sight test is to care, protect or maintain the health of the patient.
Other important factors include the "payer mix" (what percentage pays cash, how many third-party contracts are in place and how well they pay, etc.), the extent and strength of the referral base, and the presence of clinical studies or other supplemental income streams.
Abu Dhabi: National Bank of Abu Dhabi's (NBAD) strategy to balance its income streams has been gaining traction and the results are visible in the bank's performance, Alex Thursby, Group Chief Executive of NBAD told Gulf News in an interview.
Financial writers usually promote SPIA and variable annuity accounts when discussing lifetime income streams. Perhaps they will eventually give fixed indexed accounts the long overdue accolades they most deserve.