income stream

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Income Stream

The money a company generates on a regular basis. For example, a company may have a steady income stream from its primary client, and periodic revenue from other, smaller clients. An income stream connotes steady pay. See also: Cash flow.

income stream

A steady flow of money from a property.When evaluating the property, one has to evaluate the strength and durability of the income stream.

Example: Is the tenant a national tenant with good financial strength, excellent prospects for continued health, and a 20-year lease on the property with rent adjustments annually to reflect cost-of-living increases, or is the tenant a start-up business with a 1-year lease in an area already saturated with similar businesses? Those two income streams are markedly different from each other.

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Clients often worry that they will outlive their savings, but these four income streams can help ensure that isn't the case:
Investors securing retirement income streams rely on their selected provider to continue to meet their obligations over the long haul.
Business offers multiple income streams from installations, service agreements, filter changes, annual service, etc.
A statement from CSM, which is a division of the Chime company, said: "CLG owns the rights to all Lord Coe's income streams over the next 15 years.
Income streams are generated through strategic financial tools such as a 5- or 10-year SPIA, a staggered bond or CD ladder, laddered annuities, and Single Premium Deferred Income Annuities (SPDIA) known as longevity insurance.
He reminded members at the annual meeting that when the board took over in 2002, the club was on the edge of bankruptcy with a bank debt of pounds 10m, the ground on lease and no income streams were operating.
Benefits can be derived either from their variably invested portfolio, or they can covert their contracts into fixed immediate annuities, which would provide fixed income streams.
In Part II we focus on the impact of managing assets on the investment and income streams in the DuPont Model.
While many investors today are concentrating on buying current income through the acquisition of fully stabilized properties, this fund will instead "manufacture" those income streams through active management strategies.
Since the defined benefit system is still in decline, the accumulated contributions may just have to provide the income streams needed.
Despite this success, many Formula One teams still are not aware of the importance of protecting their intellectual property, which could provide them with significant income streams as F1 technology is further adapted for domestic use, according to David Croston, partner at the Birmingham office of international patent attorneys Withers and Rogers.