income dividend

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Income dividend

Any payout to mutual fund shareholders resulting from interest, dividends, or other income.

Income Dividend

In mutual funds, a dividend distributed to shareholders that comes from the dividends or interest on the stocks or bonds represented in the mutual fund. It does not include income from the capital appreciation of the mutual funds. Income dividends are taxed as ordinary income at each shareholder's marginal tax bracket; they are not taxed as capital gains. See also: Capital gains distribution.

income dividend

A distribution of dividends, interest, and short-term capital gains by an investment company to its shareholders. This type of dividend is taxed at the recipient's marginal rate. See also capital gains distribution.
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M2 EQUITYBITES-December 14, 2016-Morgan Stanley Income Securities announces net investment income dividends for December 2016
The Fairholme Fund (NASDAQ:FAIRX), Fairholme Focused Income Fund (NASDAQ:FOCIX) and Fairholme Allocation Fund (NASDAQ:FAAFX) on Saturday declared ordinary income dividends as well as long term capital gain distributions.
Asset management firm Delaware Investments, a member of Macquarie Group, reported on Friday that three Delaware Investments municipal income funds, all closed-end management investment companies, have declared their monthly income dividends.
Three closed-end management investment companies, Delaware Investments Colorado Municipal Income Fund Inc (VCF); Delaware Investments National Municipal Income Fund (VFL); and Delaware Investments Minnesota Municipal Income Fund II Inc (VMM) (together, the funds) on Friday declared their monthly income dividends that are exempt from federal income tax and from the personal income tax of its state; while Delaware Investments Colorado Municipal Income Fund Inc also releases a capital gain distribution.
Additionally, the companies said that the dividends were all re-declared monthly income dividends exempt from federal income tax and from the personal income tax of its state.
The boards of trustees of closed-end management investment companies PIMCO Corporate Income Fund (NYSE:PCN), PIMCO Corporate Opportunity Fund (NYSE:PTY), PIMCO Income Strategy Fund (NYSE:PFL), PIMCO Income Strategy Fund II (NYSE:PFN), PIMCO Income Opportunity Fund (NYSE:PKO), PIMCO Strategic Global Government Fund Inc (NYSE:RCS) and PCM Fund Inc (NYSE:PCM) on Tuesday approved special year-end common income dividends.
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