incentive fee

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Incentive fee

Compensation paid to commodities trading advisers or to any practitioner who achieves above-average returns. Sometimes called performance fee.

Incentive Fee

A fee paid to an asset manager or other investment adviser whose investment decisions perform particularly well. When an asset manager makes money for clients, he/she also makes money for the company for which he/she works. These companies offer incentive fees in order to encourage wise (and profitable) investments. Incentive fees usually come out of the portfolios that do well, rather than out of the company's general funds. They are also called performance fees. See also: Bonus, Manager Universe (Benchmark.)

incentive fee

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SL Green will continue to manage and lease the property and will be entitled to management fees and incentive fees based on the achievement of certain performance thresholds.
Collectively, the Department of Defense (DOD) gives its contractors the opportunity to earn billions of dollars through monetary incentives--known as award fees and incentive fees. These fees are intended to motivate excellent contractor performance in areas deemed critical to an acquisition program's success, with award fees being appropriate when contracting and program officials cannot devise objective incentive fee targets related to cost, technical performance, or schedule.
Hedge fund managers are typically compensated using two types of fees--a management fee, which is a fixed percentage of assets under management, and incentive fees, which are related to the fund performance.
Average incentive fees continued to decline, with these falling to 18.71 per cent; incentive fees declined 1 basis point over 3Q11 and 24 bps since year end 2010.
After giving effect to SL Green's incentive fees within the joint venture, the Company is entitled to 68% of all cash proceeds in excess of debt repayment.
Consistent with its prior joint venture arrangements, SL Green will be the operating partner and day-to-day manager of the venture and will be entitled to management fees, leasing commissions and incentive fees.
It was expensive because the market was terrible, and we offered the banks incentive fees (in addition to the facility fees), since we were in a hurry to wrap up the NCR deal.
In addition, BC Partners has agreed to contribute up to 100% of incentive fees earned, if necessary, to achieve net investment income of 40c per share for a one-year period after closing and to use up to $10M of the incentive fees it earns to purchase newly-issued KCAP common stock over the next two years at a price equal to net asset value per share at the time of the purchases.
Ensure that incentive fees due to Sub-Borrowers on completion of eligible investments are submitted for release by the EBRD only when a Sub-Project is validated as compliant with the investment plans and that no recommendation on release of incentive fees will be given where such validation is not possible.
Adjusting to exclude provisions for loan losses, total other income, and management incentive fees, the company earned USD 41.3m, or USD 0.20 per diluted common share, for the quarter ended March 31, 2014, compared to USD 45.6m, or USD 0.23per diluted common share, for the prior-year period.1
Similarly, incentive fees rose industry-wide by 4 basis points to 18.76 per cent, while incentive fees for funds launched in 2012 rose to 18.23, a 15 basis point increase over fees for funds launched in 2011.