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Eighty-four percent of the cards do not charge an inactivity fee, virtually unchanged from last year.
Some even have an inactivity fee if you leave money on them at the end of the holiday and even a fee to close the card and get your cash back.
The worst ones will also charge you an inactivity fee if you leave money on them at the end of your break and even a fee to close the card down to get your leftover cash back.
Finally, it would cost an $8-a-month inactivity fee if the employee doesn't use the card, though that's only after three months.
An inactivity fee can't be charged unless a card hasn't been used for 12 months.
If you leave your prepaid card idle for quite some time, be prepared to pay an inactivity fee.
The Higher One account inactivity fee is a flash point for students.
California and Washington prohibit any inactivity fee for at least two years and then allow it only if the gift card's balance drops to $5 or less.
Ours costs only $7/ trade with no minimums or inactivity fee.
In May, Advanta informed some card holders that the company reserves the right to charge a $15 inactivity fee if their card is rarely used, plus $25 to close the account.
A $2-a-month inactivity fee will continue, but it will be assessed after a year without deposits or withdrawals instead of the current 180-day assessment.
Disclosure: A monthly $6 inactivity fee will be assessed unless all enrolled Bill Pay members complete at least one Bill Pay transaction during each month.