In the hole

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In the hole

Used in the context of general equities. Below the inside market when one is attempting to sell the stock; at a significant discount. Antithesis of premium.

In the Hole

1. Informal; at a discount. For example, if an investor is trying to sell a stock very quickly, he/she may sell "in the hole," meaning at a deep discount from its market value. One may do this if one needs to raise cash immediately. The term is most common in equities.

2. Informal; a loss. A company that fails to generate enough revenue to meet its expenses is said to be "in the hole."
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The company manufactures and distributes mining exploration drilling consumables, such as drill rods, in-the-hole tools and diamond drill bits.
of anti-static plastic feed hose for in-the-hole use.
CUBEX is an industry-leading drilling solutions provider focused on design and manufacturing of a wide range of underground in-the-hole (ITH), and geo-technical drilling equipment.
IN-THE-HOLE goal-getter Stewart Downing believes confidence is starting to bubble back at Boro.
Today, MTI operates three modern manufacturing facilities, supplying mine operations with hydraulic jumbo drills, load haul dump loaders, trucks, in-the-hole drilling rigs, rail haulage systems, mine locomotive buckets, crushers, underground mine utility vehicles and drill string components.
POLAR hero Pen Hadow finally returned home yesterday to his dream meal - toad- in-the-hole and suet pudding.
The three new fully-automated rigs are a Simba 366S, delivered eighteen months ago, plus a Simba 364 in-the-hole hammer rig and a second 366S unit which will join the Simba 263, 269 and 1357S units already in the fleet.
In automated mining operations," Baiden said, "people don't have to do manual tasks around the machines down in the mines, such as positioning in-the-hole rock drills.
In low-grade (low oxidation) massive sulphide ore bodies of competence and vast extent, a 61-122 m (200-400 foot) stoping height has been successfully employed using big-hole, in-the-hole (ITH) rigs and a wide drill pattern.
They use water-powered in-the-hole hammers with 115 mm drills.
This is a range traditionally worked by in-the-hole (ITH) hammers.
Inco's mines research department is now automating an in-the-hole drill and raise borer at the North Mine.