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Today's competition will feature pro men's and women's in-line park and men's skateboard vert competitions.
he temporarily traded in his in-line skates for ice skates.
Forget all the hype: There is no magic in an in-line that suddenly turns it into a flat shooting, tack driving, long-range hunting rifle.
A second example of the flexibility afforded under the revisions is the ability to use a single device to control a subset of furnaces and in-line fluxers within an existing group of sources.
of Rogue River, OR, is task group leader of the committee that has been trying to sort out the complex issues of in-line moisture detection for 10 years.
The main benefit of in-line splice width measurement is the ability to receive real-time process feedback for automatic process control or manual process correction.
With in-line skating's growing popularity, the market for storage products for the sport "has nowhere to go but up," said Jill Nance, buyer for The Container Store.
The other small-wheel sports--skateboarding and standard rollerskating--cause more injuries annually than in-line skating does, Brown said.
Though not recognized as an official sport, in-line skating is a standard off-season sport for many Olympic athletes.
New NeXtrac Curved Sign Panels Raise the Bar for In-Line Merchandising
Masterpiece Graphix (MGX) is now a distributor for Michelman primer, indicator and cleaning solutions for the HP Indigo 6000 and 6600 in-line priming unit.
Options include automatic loading/unloading, in-line vision systems, rotary table and bowl-feed systems, fixtures and foils.