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In the context of general equities, keeping an activity within the firm. For example, rather than go to the marketplace and sell a security for a client to anyone, an attempt is made to find a buyer to complete the transaction within the firm. Although a listed trade must be taken to the floor of the stock exchange, matching supply with demand within the confines of the firm results in higher commissions for the firm.


1. The business practice of implementing a certain project, sometimes outside a company's specific expertise, using the company's own staff and resources.

2. In hiring practices, referring to the promotion of a company worker to a higher position rather than finding someone outside the company to fill the vacancy. See also: Outsourcing.
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From a loss prevention perspective, in-house counsel may help to avoid malpractice claims or minimize exposure when they inevitably arise.
b) In-house Premier Communications (Sioux Center, Iowa)
Due to the increased emphasis on diversity in the law school admission process, the pool of candidates for in-house legal positions will by necessity become more diverse.
Best In-house Counsel -- Financial services sectorMargarita Zubkus, Deutsche Bank
For their part, outside counsel reported that relationships would improve if in-house counsel explained their goals upfront and if outside counsel were involved in a case earlier.
The Durst Organization was represented in-house by John Grotto; Robert Ageloff and Jim Wenk of Staubach represented the tenant.
Full services offering in-house tooling design, engineering, CAD/CAM, CNC machining, contour digitizing, CMM inspection (including third party), model and pattern making facilities.
MERIT: National Association of Farm Broadcasters / In-house
In-house practitioners should bear in mind that the in-house advice exception excludes such advice from the "covered opinion" requirements, but not the "other written advice" requirements.
If the firm finds errors but chooses to correct them in-house because of time constraints, the outsource firm may continue to repeat them.
She believes when looking for a localization partner it is important to find a company that trains people in-house to familiarize them with the clients' products and services.
Also acquired were three regional newspapers serving in-house and corporate attorneys, Atlantic Coast In-House, New England In-House and Midwest In-House, and two newspapers covering law for the medical community, Missouri Medical Law Report and Virginia Medical Law Report.