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In the context of general equities, keeping an activity within the firm. For example, rather than go to the marketplace and sell a security for a client to anyone, an attempt is made to find a buyer to complete the transaction within the firm. Although a listed trade must be taken to the floor of the stock exchange, matching supply with demand within the confines of the firm results in higher commissions for the firm.
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1. The business practice of implementing a certain project, sometimes outside a company's specific expertise, using the company's own staff and resources.

2. In hiring practices, referring to the promotion of a company worker to a higher position rather than finding someone outside the company to fill the vacancy. See also: Outsourcing.
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In-House Lawyers Quantity Percent (n=59) (a) outside lawyer billing 51 86.4 (b) progression of the transaction 57 96.6 (c) level of protection provided to 48 81.4 the company (d) other 18 30.5 Outside Lawyers Quantity Percent (n1=44) (a) outside lawyer billing 40 90.9 (b) progression of the transaction 40 90.9 (c) level of protection provided to 23 52.3 the company (d) other 4 9.1 8.
The Exide Corporation renewed a lease for 16,422 square feet at 80-13th Avenue in Ronkonkoma; Paul Leone of CBRE represented the tenant, while the landlord acted on its own behalf in-house.
To assess the overall quality of current online CLE programming and delivery from the in-house lawyer perspective, IHF surveyed nearly 250 general counsel, chief legal officers and corporate counsel during the fourth quarter of 2018.
Woori Bank has recently decided to officially sponsor the e-sports game events of League of Legends based on the recommendation of the lender's in-house venture, InnoThink.
Wright Cottrell advises attorneys interested in in-house work to at least know how to read and understand financial statements.
Despite most robust budgets, the report found that a majority (77 percent) of in-house counsel conduct at least 50 percent of their legal services internally, including legal hold and data collection, spurred in large part by the expense of outsourced service providers and the desire to have more control over their processes.
Regardless of the size of the law firm or type of practice, formally designating an attorney (or team of attorneys) to serve as in-house counsel benefits the firm and its clients.
(c) In-house Golden West Telecommunications Cooperative (Wall, S.D.)
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