customer relationship management

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customer relationship management (CRM)

a strategic concept which focuses on business competencies, processes and technologies required to effectively service the needs and requirements of a firm's customers. As such CRM embraces key MARKETING activities and related INFORMATION MANAGEMENT in order to keep existing customers and attract new ones. The issue of customer retention has taken on a new imperative in the digital age, with the INTERNET and E-COMMERCE providing customers with greater opportunities to compare prices, switch suppliers etc. CRM recognises that businesses need to use these new technologies more proactively to their own advantage, either by developing IT capabilities in-house or relying on outside IT specialists, to provide call centres, sales force automation, marketing and data analysis and website management.
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Our institution has focused tremendous energy on implementing systems and attention by all our staff on ensuring patient safety and preventing medical errors.
Editorial also covers interpreting legislative counter-measures and implementing systems to prevent financial crime.
Editorial also covers such topics as recognizing a problem activity, interpreting legislative counter-measures, and implementing systems to prevent financial crime.
Fully achieving these dreams has more to do with applying career theory, conducting research, and implementing systems based on good professional practice than on any advances in technology.
Larson: Back when I had a group of people who were responsible for designing and implementing systems, we would give the user Version A, and we locked into that a collection of switches that gave us added capability that we judged the user would want to have once they figured out this new world.
Instead, we had to direct our efforts to implementing systems to support MDS 2.0 and HCFA's consolidated billing mandate; focus on ensuring Y2K compliance of all of our application and operating systems, interfaces, and hardware; and upgrade our enterprise-wide network infrastructure, which had become inadequate to support the current load.
Retailers selling online are concerned about having their databases and servers up and running constantly, and many are implementing systems such as Oriental's backup system which make a "mirror" copy of the retailer's database so that if one server is not working the same information can be accessed from another server.
It is possible, however, for any physician involved in the critical work of designing and implementing systems of health care delivery to spend time with physicians who are actively involved in patient care.
It provides tips and advice on how to hire, develop, and retain staff and reduce the time spent dealing with personnel issues by implementing systems and practices that make staff satisfied, productive, and committed to the organization's mission to help children and youth thrive.
However commonplace wireless LANs will become, designing and implementing systems will still require significant skills.
"We have been implementing systems for British shipbuilders since 1982 and have also moved into the wider marine industry.

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