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Relieve party to a trade of any previously made obligation concerning that trade, hence allowing the would-be transactor to show the inquiry/order to a new broker.


Written statement by a creditor to the effect that a debtor has either paid off the debt or the debt is otherwise discharged. A creditor may release a lien if the loan has been paid or if other collateral has been offered. Most mortgages contain release clauses indicating under what circumstances the borrower obtains release from the mortgage lien.


See release of lien.

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An 8% organ survival advantage was seen in the Advagraf arm versus tacrolimus immediate release, meaning the newly transplanted organs of patients treated with Advagraf were more likely to still be functioning three years post-transplant compared with those treated with tacrolimus immediate release (88% vs.
QRxPharma will work with Teva to submit a marketing authorisation application to the Israeli health authority following approval of immediate release MOXDUO in the United States or Europe.
The investigational, extended-release formulation of nevirapine had a similar safety profile to immediate release VIRAMUNE in the trial.
Two open-label studies were conducted in 33 healthy male volunteers to observe the phamacokinetics of Gabapentin GR compared to immediate release gabapentin and to investigate the dose-proportionality of Gabapentin GR.
April 12 /PRNewswire/ -- With diabetes affecting the lives of millions of people throughout the Midwest, Meijer announced plans today to begin offering Metformin Immediate Release, the most commonly prescribed treatment for type 2 diabetes, at no cost to those with a medical prescription.
The first study compared the efficacy, safety and tolerability of pramipexole extended release versus the currently available pramipexole immediate release formulation and placebo, in patients with early PD (those who have early symptoms), treated for up to 33 weeks.
The first, designed to treat migraine headaches, contains 50 mg of diclofenac potassium in a powder formulation and incorporates a unique, patent-pending Immediate Release Technology ("IRT") developed by APR.
Phase 3 clinical data presentations on investigational tapentadol immediate release (IR), a novel centrally acting oral analgesic, will be presented for the first time at APS.
Raloxifene hydrochloride is the active ingredient in Evista(R), Eli Lilly's immediate release tablets for osteoporosis.
The studies demonstrate that two formulations of indiplon, an immediate release capsule and a modified release tablet, can help patients with insomnia fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer without experiencing next-day residual effects.
Spherics presented results of a Phase I healthy volunteer study with Spherazole(TM) -- an immediate release, bioadhesive formulation of the antifungal agent itraconazole -- demonstrating improved bioavailability and reduced intersubject variability compared with a commercially available itraconazole product.

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