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He had explained the matter to the French commander before Rokoff arrived, and the officer gave immediate orders to place the Russian in irons and confine him on board the cruiser.
The suspension of the four officials came in the wake of an immediate order from the state caretaker Governor, Maj.
Dr Ahmed, who is still serving his prison sentence, will be struck in 28 days, subject to appeal, although the panel imposed an immediate order of suspension.
Tran, who admitted two charges of producing a Class B drug was sentenced to 18 months youth custody and he was told there would be an immediate order for his deportation.
No immediate order for repayment was made but a spokesman for the Public Prosecution Service said "confiscation proceedings" were being pursued.
com)-- Burpy now has a variety of automobiles for sale, allowing customers to browse through listings and place an immediate order through Burpy itself.
The commission has asked the court for an immediate order banning Facebook from monitoring non-users in particular, which it may do via plug-ins or cookies.
The DuraMax LTE machine makes its debut at The Quality Show (booth 1008) in Chicago, Illinois from October 27-29 and is available for immediate order from ZEISS Industrial Metrology or its authorized dealers.
The featured components are also available for immediate order.
5 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The law firm of McCuneWright, LLP has filed for a preliminary injunction in United States District Court, Central District of California seeking an immediate order requiring Toyota to expand the Sudden Unintended Acceleration recalls.
The immediate order with Enbridge involves the placement of a new FT 3400 Series System on one discrete site in Enbridge's vast pipeline network.
Pricing begins at $72,195, including a $995 destination charge and $1,300 gas guzzler tax, and are available for immediate order.
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