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Immediate family

Term used in the NASD rules of fair practice to refer to one's parents, brothers, sisters, children, relatives supported financially, father-in-law, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and brother-in-law.

Immediate Family

Close blood relatives, in-laws, and every person one supports financially. FINRA prohibits providing broker-dealer services to members of one's immediate family. In life insurance, the beneficiary of the death benefit is almost always a member of one's immediate family.

immediate family

Close relatives by birth or marriage including siblings, parents, children, in-laws, and any financial dependents. The National Association of Securities Dealers restricts financial transactions between a broker-dealer and his or her immediate family.
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Male chimps collaborate in a variety of ways and, like people, often find partners outside of their immediate families for cooperative ventures, according to a long-term study of these creatures in the wild.
However, your in law--coverage question prompted Access America to examine its policy; the company decided to "do the right thing" and extend coverage to domestic partners' immediate families.
US Airways "Salute Savings" rates are available to active and reserve military and their immediate families through government-contracted commercial travel offices throughout the U.
5) Additionally, although the identity of an informant is kept strictly classified, informants and their immediate families are eligible to participate in the attorney general's Witness Protection Program.
The AICPA's new rules would permit partners and employees in the audit firm, or their immediate families, to hold investments in the client if they could not have significant influence over the client.
Our condolences go to the immediate families and to the people of New York who may have been unnerved by the crash and subsequent emergency services response," said CIRRUS Vice-President Business Administration, Bill King.
Furthermore, NIH employees in key positions and members of their immediate families will be forced to sell stock holdings in biomedical firms.
CINCINNATI -- The "America Says" Survey issued for Summer, 2006 documents what a happy bunch Americans are: 77 percent are either extremely or somewhat happy in general, and their major sources of happiness are their love lives and their immediate families.
They employed 22 "marker" enzymes to make cuts at precise points along the X chromosomes of 40 pairs of homosexual brothers (including all those from the family study) and available members of their immediate families.
The Credit Union, a member owned non-profit financial cooperative serving North Carolina's State and public school employees and their immediate families, attributes its growth to quality member service, added convenience and "word of mouth" advertising.
Mark Twisdale, SECU Senior Vice-President of Human Resources represented the Credit Union at the Awards Ceremony and comments, "As State Employees' Credit Union serves the state agency and university employees and their immediate families, it is fitting that SECU's members would want to honor the State of North Carolina's top employees.
The mission of the foundation is to provide emergency relief for those injured in Iraq or Afghanistan, and their immediate families.

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