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They are designed for secure production printing in data centers, service bureaus and other transactional environments that print documents such as checks and image replacement documents (IRDs).
This process also enables each client's depository institution to determine the most efficient means for clearing payments - electronic deposit, image exchange, automated clearinghouse (ACH), or image replacement document.
Bank operates one of the largest paper check processing networks in the country and has started to deploy a large image replacement document operation.
The system is designed to detect all prevalent methods of check fraud, including signature forgery, counterfeit checks and physical alteration of paper checks and Image Replacement Documents (IRDs).
National City is fully end-to-end image enabled and does not print image replacement documents.
This allows banks to submit image replacement documents (IRDs) in lieu of checks for clearing.
The partnership comes immediately following the passage of the first of two check electronification rules by the Canadian Payments Association (CPA), which permits the use of image replacement documents (IRD) for processing.
This branch capture solution can also create image replacement documents (IRD) and demographically expedite IRD production nationally to speed up the delivery time.
The Commercial Bank will also benefit from Goldleaf's Atlanta-based payment processing center, which offers a full range of back-office services, including item and image capture, document and check imaging, storage and archive capabilities, as well as the printing of image replacement documents (IRDs) and full electronic cash-letter services (ECL).
These Fiserv end-to-end solutions include full-featured offerings for merchant and branch capture, as well as clearing and, if needed, printing of image replacement documents (IRDs) at more than 30 sites throughout the country.