Identity theft

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Identity Theft

A crime in which a person pretends to be another person for the purpose of using his/her financial information for personal gain. Identity theft can be fairly basic; for example, one may steal and use a credit card. Often, however, identity theft involves using computer programs to find a person's financial information and conduct large transactions with that person's money. Identity theft is a serious crime, as it can ruin the victim's credit, making it difficult to obtain a loan when one is needed. Many banks and credit card companies provide identity theft protection to reduce a client's liability for identity theft and to minimize its occurrence.

Identity theft.

Identity theft is the unauthorized use of your personal information, such as your name, address, Social Security number, or credit account information.

People usually steal your identity to make purchases or obtain credit, though they may also use the data to apply for a driver's license or other form of official identification.

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Those earning more than pounds 50,000 a year are almost three times more likely than average to fall foul of identity fraud.
When everyday essentials, like wallets or drivers licenses, are stolen or go missing, identity fraud often follows," said Joe Reynolds, Identity Fraud Product Manager at Travelers.
Tyron Hill, official National Identity Fraud Prevention Week spokesperson, Fellowes, comments: "Businesses need to do more to inform their employees and reassure their customers that they are handling data responsibly.
Consistent withindustry experience, and like adult identity fraud, the study shows that Social Security numbers are the most commonly used piece of information by identity thieves targeting children.
The website has been created by the British Security Industry Association and is endorsed by various members of the Identity Fraud Consumer Awareness Group: Call Credit, Card Watch, CIFAS - the UK's Fraud Prevention Service, Experian, Project Sterling, Retailers Against Crime, Royal Mail and the Scottish Business Crime Centre.
We have a personal responsibility to protect our identities, and I hope the people of Warwickshire will join with us in partnering with National Identity Fraud Prevention Week to help stamp out identity fraud.
Tyron Hill, marketing director of Fellowes and National Identity Fraud Prevention Week, said, "Despite continued work to raise awareness of identity fraud, it seems that still not enough is being done.
Experian fraud consultant, Anne Green, says the growth in identity fraud in seaside towns like Southport can be explained by "cheap accommodation and transitional population".
The hike coincided with a rise in organised criminal gangs operating global identity fraud rings, the information services firm said.
He added: "The ID card is likely to make identity fraud worse, not better.
com/research/a081baa7/2012_identity_frau) has announced the addition of Javelin Strategy & Research's new report "2012 Identity Fraud Report: Social Media and Mobile Forming the New Fraud Frontier" to their offering.