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Individual Development Account

A savings account for persons with lower income. The funds put into an IDA are matched by a public or private organization. One may use the funds in an IDA for educational purposes, starting a business, or buying a first house. IDAs are accompanied by programs for credit improvement and other classes to help account holders move up from poverty and into the middle classes.

International Development Association

A division of the World Bank that provides long-term, interest-free loans to the world's 80 poorest countries. The IDA is responsible for poverty reduction and other aspects of international development in the Third World. Nearly half of the countries it assists are in Africa. The IDA was established in 1960; its loans assist in public health, business development, education, and infrastructure development.
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It is a landmark in private sector capital mobilization for development finance, leveraging the balance sheet and the significant achievements of IDA and opening new investment opportunities in the fixed income space.
63) According to the statute, the goals of IDAs are to:
48) However, as indicated above, the vast majority of IDAs are currently administered through "partnerships between community organizations and financial institutions.
Jared Bernstein responds: Arguing with Sherraden and Boshara about IDas feels like arguing with Freud and Jung about psychology.
The default benefit values within IDAS are based on ITS deployments and/or research studies.
We appreciate the efforts of State Employees' Credit Union in agreeing to serve as an administrator of IDA accounts for their current and potential members in the RCCDC program.
In contrast, the latest Sorcerer IDA with Scaffold breaks through each of these limitations by providing the first integrated proteomics solution that can handle up to one million spectra or more with built-in automated false positive estimation using reverse sequences.
The IDA program is an important tool to help low-income citizens build a financial base for a stronger future," said Wade F.
I'm extremely pleased that our IDA played a major role in the issuance of these bonds," said Suffolk County Executive Robert J.
Federal legislation has been proposed to increase the current IDAs from 20,000 this year to more than 45,000 by 2005, and more than 300,000 by 2011.
The purpose of IDAs is to create wealth through asset-accumulation rather than the income-distribution plans that are the focus of most government assistance programs.
3) the benefit and need for follow-up was the most common element not discussed or documented by the IDA.