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1. A call option with a strike price less than the value of the underlying asset.

2. A put option with a strike price more than the value of the underlying asset.

In both these situations, the option contract has intrinsic value. If an option is deep in the money, it is unlikely that the option will be out-of-the money by the time the option is exercised.
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Necip Guney, the Chairman of the Executive Board of the Technical Fairs, emphasized that ITM is a highly prestigious exhibition and has attracted a great deal of interest in Iran.
ITM Power manufactures integrated hydrogen energy solutions which are rapid response and high pressure that meet the requirements for grid balancing and energy storage services, and for the production of clean fuel for transport, renewable heat and chemicals.
With our new ITM, we are offering Emirates NBD customers access to a virtual teller that can provide responsive, intuitive feedback and perform transactions comparable to an in-branch experience, without the limitations of branch timings or queuing," added Sarkar.
Dr Graham Cooley, CEO of ITM Power, said: "We recognise the opportunities to benefit from the expertise within Wales and the hydrogen facilities and project partners of ITM in South Wales.
I am delighted that ITM Power recognises the existing expertise we have in Wales in this particular field and that it plans to set up a development base here.
Commenting on the opportunities in Denmark, ITM Power CEO Graham Cooley, said that the country would be a significant territory for the deployment of energy storage and clean fuel.
ITM Secure is a new Internet security service that tests and certifies sites to protect customers from various security hazards on the web.
Graham Cooley, CEO of ITM Power, made the final presentation before attendees were given the first live demonstration of the company's HFuel refuelling system with two Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine (HICE) Ford Transit vans.
ITM Goa is the perfect platform to showcase destination GOA".
In June of this year, the ITM COI held its annual CWL summit.
The ITM website is in the process of being redesigned, and the new version, complete with the 'Invest in Ireland' section, is expected to be launched in about a month's time.
According to Sheedy, Media & PR Director at the ITM, 'By means of dedicated research and long-term ties with fleet managers, Volkswagen has been able to devise the perfect range of vehicles for company use in today's business environment.