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International Stock Exchange of the U.K. and the Republic of Ireland (ISE)

Organization that replaced the London Stock Exchange after its merger with the International Securities Regulatory Organization (ISRO).

International Securities Exchange

An exchange for options based in New York. Established in 2000, the International Securities Exchange lists options on a number of different investment vehicles, including stocks, indices, and ETFs. It also provides investors with tutorials on option strategies. In late 2008, the International Securities Exchange established a separate exchange for trading stocks.

Irish Stock Exchange

Also called the ISE. The only stock exchange in Ireland. Both stocks and bonds are traded on the ISE, which has been entirely electronic since 2000. It also has a special section for growth stocks. It was established in 1793, merged to form the London Stock Exchange in 1973, and became independent again in 1995.


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The ISE Stock Exchange intends to trade the full complement of approximately 7,000 National Market System equities and ETFs by February 5, 2007 in both the fully-displayed market and MidPoint Match.
ISE entered the equities market on September 8, 2006 with the launch of the ISE Stock Exchange, LLC.
OES is pleased to provide integral technology and tools that will enable ISE to meet Reg NMS requirements and support the continued development of the Exchange as ISE introduces new capabilities on its innovative electronic equities platform," Mr.
Our SPBD is an important utility needed to comply with Reg NMS, and working with OES will allow us to meet these requirements very efficiently and ensure ongoing compliance," said Andrew Brenner, head of the ISE Stock Exchange.
ISEE Select is an enhancement of the highly-regarded ISEE Sentiment Index, through which ISE has provided an aggregate view of market direction based on the trading activity of options investors since 2003.
Through an intuitive browser application, ISEE Select enables retail and institutional subscribers to evaluate the market outlook for individual securities or select industry sectors by scanning the market for extreme sentiment values among ISE traded listings.
Unlike the traditional put/call ratio, the ISEE Select sentiment calculation includes only opening long ISE customer transactions.
ISEE Select is available on a subscription basis through the ISE website for a low monthly fee.
ISE will host a webinar on October 23, 2006 at 4:30 pm and at 7:00 pm to provide potential subscribers with an overview of the product.
ISE operates an innovative securities market, founded on the principle that technology and competition create better, more efficient markets for investors.
ISE and Revere Data collaborated on a rigorous screening process, thus enabling them to determine the most compelling portfolio of natural gas stocks to include in the index.