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IRR (1)

The ISO 4217 currency code for the Iranian Rial.

IRR (2)

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ISO 4217 code for the Iranian rial. Issued to replace the qiran in 1932, it was pegged to the British pound at various rates until 1945. After this, it was pegged to the U.S. dollar until 1975. Since the Islamic Revolution in 1979, the rial has been marked by high inflation and low value.
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(20) Hwa waes aefre swa dirstiges modes daet dorste cynges dohtor gewaemman aer dam daege hyre brydgifta and him ne ondrede paes cyninges irre?
"A Britain that leaves the EU will be considered irre rele leva vant nt by be considered irrelevant by Washington and will be a pygmy in the world, when I want us to stand tall in the world."
Exasperated by the innumerable errors in the Cairo 1317/1899 edition of the Shams al-ma'arif, he exclaims: "So groB ist die Zahl der fehlerhaften Quadrate, daB man fast daran irre werden konnte, ob hier uberhaupt 'magische Quadrate' [...] beabsichtigt waren" (pp.
(22) "Ich schreibe Dir diese Briefe, damit Du siehst, wie Dein Vater gelebt hat, wie er den rechten Weg suchte, oft in die Irre ging, und doch heimkehrte zu Gott."
Called Irre spektiv, it is billed as the South African's first major UK solo exhibition.