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Transport mode provides IPSec service for all applications, thereby simplifying the security operation of the application layer.
An update to IPSec's IKE protocol is the IKEv2 Mobility and Multi-homing protocol (MOBIKE).
For the IPSec tunnel establishment between the femto-cell and CGW, the same steps as outlined above are followed.
IPSec is a suite of protocols operating at Layer 3, the network layer.
IPSec is now a requirement, not an option, in the IPv6 specification.
It is possible to use IPSec to defend against network-based attacks from untrusted computers.
In addition, the IPSec VPN provided users with a secure connection to our home network, but it did not support user-specific access controls.
The ability to support both SSL and IPsec VPN tunnels enables the ProSafe Dual WAN Gigabit SSL VPN Firewall to provide both clientless remote access through a secure Web browser interface and legacy support for client-based remote access.
Unlike IPSec VPN products that require the installation of special client software, the FirePass solution offers a clientless SSL VPN service that leverages any standard browser interface.