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Conversely, clearly the functions currently done by IMRO and the IOC
Keith Johnson, marketing manager of IMRO said: "The event will run along similar lines to previous IMRO events, in that it will focus on songwriter collaboration and performances of new material.
Then she drops the subject until much later, when Tsilka and her husband--who was arrested a couple of times and was obviously an IMRO supporter--are implicated, and we learn that Ottoman officials thought all along that Stone herself had colluded.
Rebecca West in Black Lamb and Grey Falcon declared that the subsequent reprisal activities of IMRO in the region were the most effective "terrorism" in Europe.
The fine is a record for the City watchdog, and matches the largest by a City regulator, against investment bank Deutsche Morgan Grenfell in 1997 by IMRO, the Investment Management Regulatory Organisation.
Among the thousands of terms, company names, initials and phrases included in the vocabulary are: 31 Group, AIM, ABN Amro, AGM, BP Amocc, Bloomberg, EPS, EIS, IMRO, ISA, Nycomed Amersham, PE ratio, Psion, put option, rights issue, working capital.
The EU thinks the measure is incompatible with US international copyright obligations, so referred the matter to the WTO in January 1999 in the light of complaints from the IMRO and the European composers and authors' group Groupement Europeen des Societes d'Auteurs et Compositeurs.
The reader learns most from five essays: Zsigmond Pal Pach's on the Hungarian nobility's alleged aversion to commerce, Marian Papahagi's on literary analyses of Romanianness; Ivo Banac's on the Croatian historian Milan Sufflay's theory of nationhood; Kiossev's on reactions to Aleko Konstantinov's feuilleton-novel Bai Ganyo (1894-95); Andrew Rossos's historical assessment of the contribution of the Left, particularly IMRO, to the consolidation of Macedonian national consciousness and desire for statehood.
Just for the sake of keeping it simple, bear in mind that the language spoken in Skopje is essentially Bulgarian, which is called Macedonian for convenience, and that the most powerful political minority is led by IMRO, the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization, which historically favors a Greater Bulgaria, while the largest national minority is Albanian and Muslim, and does not care what the republic is called as long as a part of it is one day denominated as either Illyria or Greater Albania.
Sea Sessions beat the likes of Electric Picnic and Longitude to win Best Music Festival at the highly respected IMRO awards last year.
com/articles/164118/Bulgaria%E2%80%99s+GERB+Starts+Coalition+Talks+with+Nationalist+Formation+Patriotic+Front"> has discussed opportunities for coalition-building with representatives of the Patriotic Front, a nationalist coalition comprising the IMRO a Bulgarian National Movement (VMRO a Bulgarsko Natsionalno Dvizhenie) and the National Front for the Salvation of Bulgaria (NFSB), which won 19 seats in Parliament in the early elections.
An official coalition agreement would be signed by Bulgaria without Censorship party with the IMRO Bulgarian National Movement (IMRO BNM) and the Agrarian People s Union.