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1. Adjusted Debit Balance. The amount of money an investor owes on a margin account. This is calculated as the amount the investor directly owes his/her broker less the paper profit the investor has made on short sales and similar transactions on a special miscellaneous account. The adjusted debit balance is important to determining the amount owed in case of a margin call. According to Regulation T, an investor can only make a cash or securities withdrawal if the adjusted debit balance is small.

2. Asian Development Bank. A bank that promotes economic growth and international development in the Asia-Pacific region of the world. It finances its activities with bonds and works closely with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank toward accomplishing its goals. Its two largest shareholders are the United States and Japan. It was established in 1966 and is headquartered in Manila.
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We're going to put both iMacs through their paces in the coming weeks, so check back soon for reviews.
The IMACS 200 system offers a powerful array of integrated network diagnostic and fault isolation capabilities.
Optimized for electrical utility sub-station applications, the IMACS 200 supports the latest IEEE C37.
With more than 80,000 systems deployed worldwide, the IMACS is an established leader in the access marketplace.
The fully accredited program offered by UMOHS, coupled with the unique IMACS courses allows students to go above and beyond traditional classroom lessons and study advanced mathematical concepts and college level content while still in high school.
The course notes are crystal clear, and when I do have a question, I am able to reach an IMACS instructor instantly.
For more information about the courses offered through IMACS on-line or at any of their locations, visit www.
The price aside, if you're in need of an iMac upgrade or you are considering a new desktop for the home or office, the new iMacs are worth a very long, hard stare.
IMaCS has been providing leading edge Managed Care solutions since 1990.
Starting at just $1,299, these ultra-sleek iMacs aren't just a fashion statement, but they're also a powerhouse: Apple's new iMacs contain up to 3TB of storage with a Core i5 or i7 processor, but more importantly, the newly-redesigned desktops come in different storage options, letting customers choose what they want: A hard drive for storage, a flash SSD for speed, and a brand-new third option called the Apple Fusion Drive, which contains 128 GB of flash storage with 1TB or 3TB of HDD, which is fused into a single volume.
Hopefully, the report of this delay was preemptive, and Apple actually does deliver the iMacs on time.