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They view ILS as a new revenue stream amid the prolonged low rate environment, earning potential profits by charging fees for underwriting and structuring risk.
From a practical perspective, there's usually more button pushing and device configuration with an ILS. You've got to switch nav sources, set the OBS, etc.
GrE[umlaut]gory Scheffer, 46, has been appointed ILS portfolio manager notably for the catastrophe bond markets, reporting to Rostan.
For Q4 2018, the low level of ILS issuance is partly due to lower volumes of European sponsors accessing the market compared to previous years, Swiss Re said.
For years, users complained that Seletar was less attractive than and inferior to Changi, with the lack of an ILS among reasons cited for the latter.
Miranda's experience highlights another issue, which is a possible cause for your concerns regarding the ILS' planned visit.
Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, ILS MENA GM, Steven Didier, has over 25 years in the defense and government industry with a specialization in large-scale logistic project solutions and supply-chain management.
where (g) represents the amount of Si[Cl.sub.4] that was dissolved in 100 g ILs.
Since 1986, the ILS has been published in association with the Irish Studies Program at Boston College, which has helped to underwrite printing costs.
The ILS focuses primarily on private international law, such as international litigation and arbitration, as well as international corporate, tax, and trade law.
Several methods to improve the antistatic properties of PUs were reported in our previous studies [19-21], In this investigation, we have obtained permanently antistatic PUs which contain ILs in backbone chains.