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There, she made a point of meeting with representatives of the Sudanese opposition, including SPLA leader John Garang, who announced his rejection of the Egyptian-Libyan peace initiative and his approval of a revitalized IGADD effort.
Presumably, a return visit to Khartoum by Johnston in June 2000 for talks about bilateral ties and the IGADD peace initiative to end the civil war in Sudan were used by the Sudanese authorities to request American help in lifting the U.N.
The government rejected the DOP at the third IGADD meeting (July 1994) whereas the SPLM expressed full confidence in IGADD and the DOP.
During that hiatus, the government tried to bypass IGADD by signing a Political Charter (1996) with Machar, Akol, and other southern warlords.
A significant step in establishing crisis management mechanisms in the region occurred this spring, when governments in the IGADD met and agreed to include conflict prevention in its charter.
Again, revitalization of IGADD will be central to this objective.
Nairobi also is chair and host to the special committee established by the seven-member Intergovernmental Authority on Drought and Development (IGADD) to mediate between the two warring sides in the Sudanese civil war.
In January 1995 Sudan demanded that Eritrea and Uganda be expelled from the IGADD mediation committee.
Although Khartoum has rejected the DOP and is in fact questioning the credibility of at least Eritrea and Uganda to remain on the mediation committee, IGADD remains united in its search for peace in Sudan under the terms of the DOP.
What this calls for, then, is a collaborative project that will involve not only Egypt working with the neighboring countries of IGADD, but also others from the international community, to bring peace to Sudan.