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When IESC started to work with Jordan in 1991 the country's total exports to the US were just $4.
The prime minister took a similar course of action by officially removing Chalabi as head of the Essential Services Committee and instructing him to no longer attend the IESC.
IESC has been putting ex-CEOs like these to work overseas since its inception as one of President Lyndon Johnson's Great Society programs.
Ernie Bolduc hopes to return to Botswana on a follow-up assignment or to work in another country as an IESC project coordinator.
The Capacity Building and Change Management Project II is working for the Ministry of Agriculture Irrigation and Livestock MAIL, funded by USAID and implemented by International Executive Services Corps IESC and ICMA.
Matthew Sanders, professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering and director of the Center of Culminating Undergraduate Experiences at Kettering, has received a funded research grant from IESC in the amount of $200,000 to perform validation testing on the batteries in an on-campus, multidisciplinary project.
Establishing an accounting system using QuickBooks and SmartVault in accordance with the policies of IESC and the Malian laws.
We want to be in the business of delivering the best electrical distribution products, services, and capabilities to our customers," said Chris Hartmann, CEO of IESC.
Protecting precious water resources from impacts of large coal mines is a priority of the Australian Government and that is why I visited the site with the previous Chair of the IESC and fully incorporated her suggestions in the approval conditions.
Additional server infrastructure support for the new Quad-Core AMD Opteron processor is also expected from industry partners including MSI, GBT, IESC and Quanta.
Rexel Electrical and Datacom's holding company IESC is the world's number one distributor of electrical and datacom parts and supplies with a network of over 1900 branches operating in 27 countries.