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The Foundation recognized ICF Central Florida with a Gift of Coaching honorable mention for its partnership with the MBA program at the University of Tampa's Sykes College of Business.
Taking into account both the planned acquisition of GHK and the recent acquisition of Ironworks Consulting, ICF is increasing its preliminary guidance for 2012 revenues to the range of $1.
Instead, Mascheroni says he and a colleague believe that the most suitable laser for ICF is a hydrogen-fluoride (H-F) laser, which he thinks would cost much less than the other kinds of lasers being considered.
The premiere of Kentaro's Credential Legacy, the final video in ICF Global's award-winning Credential Legacy video series.
Virtual attendees may purchase the full, live broadcast package at a rate of $450 USD for ICF members and $575 USD for non-members.
Presented by ICF Global Board Director Hilary Oliver, PCC, the webcast will be open to all HCI Community members.
Three ICF Chapters were honored with the I Care For Award, which recognizes ICF Chapters that have established a significant coaching presence in their communities through nonprofit partnerships and/or pro bono coaching initiatives.
Our existing work in public health informatics and our more than 20 years of experience working with CDC provide the necessary expertise to carry out the work for OSELS," said Chris Bishop, senior vice president for ICF International.
Under this contract, ICF will support EPA's Gas STAR, Global Methane Initiative (GMI) and Natural Gas STAR International programs across a range of activities, including domestic and policy support, strategy support for country and regional action plans, planning and execution of technology transfer workshops, and project identification and feasibility assessments.
Each year, the leader of ICF Global presents an individual or group with the ICF President's Award in recognition of outstanding work to promote coaching in a humanitarian capacity.
Under this contract, ICF will support EPA's CCD across a range of activities, including analysis and development of climate change science, economics, technology and policy; development of and capacity building for greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories; and outreach, communications, education, and logistical support.
The challenges that were before me were beyond anything that I ever experienced, and I've been able to come home[with] a really deep sense of appreciation and understanding, and an awareness of what the team leaders experience," she explains in the video, which is posted on the ICF Credential Legacy microsite at ICFCredentialLegacy.