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International Chamber of Commerce

The largest business organization in the world. It provides arbitration services for disputes between member companies in different countries. The ICC also examines potential policies and other measures that can be taken to promote international commerce. It was established in 1919 and maintains its secretariat in Paris.

Interstate Commerce Commission

A former organization of the U.S. federal government established to regulate railroads. Among other things, it ensured fair prices for consumers and attempted to prevent racial discrimination on rail. Its jurisdiction was later expanded to include trucking. It was established in 1887 and was abolished in 1995.
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ICC profiles describe how each device in your workflow handles color.
A set of Color Wise Pro Tools allows users to create or download ICC profiles to accommodate new media, inks, toners and printers.
The ColorTune software produces industry standard ICC profiles to automatically convert the scanner color space to the monitor color space.
In addition to supporting ICC profiles, Remote Director 5.0 continues to improve the spectral blending engine for up to 24 color channels.
Colour Management, Understanding and Using ICC Profiles, John Wiley & sons, Ltd, ISBN: 978-0470-05825-1, West Sussex, United Kingdom
Under the terms of this agreement, DuPont Ink Jet will license ICC profiles created with Monaco Systems' software to ship with the DuPont Ink Jet 3210 printer.
Spencer has a background in ICC Profiles and all prepress facets of the flexo industry.
With this program, the Expression 800 can be used to create custom ICC profiles. This will insure that colors will match the original across a range of different devices when printed.
Also, proofs are managed using ICC profiles to match the conventional printing press.