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International Chamber of Commerce

The largest business organization in the world. It provides arbitration services for disputes between member companies in different countries. The ICC also examines potential policies and other measures that can be taken to promote international commerce. It was established in 1919 and maintains its secretariat in Paris.

Interstate Commerce Commission

A former organization of the U.S. federal government established to regulate railroads. Among other things, it ensured fair prices for consumers and attempted to prevent racial discrimination on rail. Its jurisdiction was later expanded to include trucking. It was established in 1887 and was abolished in 1995.
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Likewise, a company's logo will be the same colour on the computer screen as on a model 3D printed by the Mcor IRIS because of our ICC profile.
When a new design goes to press, FFP selects the right ICC profile and, once the repro partner supplies the repro files, FFP print a colour matched proof through their own colour matched proofing system to supply to the customer.
The ICC profile that earned certification can be used with any ONYX workflow software product including ONYX ProductionHouse, ONYX PosterShop(R), ONYX RipCenter(TM) and ONYX GamaPrint(TM) software.
Finally, an additional set of color patches are displayed and measured to build an ICC profile of the monitor.
Provides an overview of color management in applications and the role of ICC profiles in a color reproduction system.
Integrated statistical report into a special ICC profile tag and on screen.
By maximizing G7/ ISO 12647 calibration through custom ICC profile creation and proof verification, customers who print to standards will quickly realize make ready efficiencies that translate into increased profits for their business.
Allows Third Party Developers to Build High-Quality ICC Profiles with Options Such as Iterative Profiling, Advanced Color Separation, Black Generation and Optical Brightener Compensation Technologies
X-Rite's premium ICC profiles are quickly becoming the new industry standard for graphic arts professionals who need consistent high quality color from design to print," said Tom Dlugos, X-Rite's Director of Sales, Imaging Products.
Users at all levels of expertise will now be able to easily and quickly create ICC profiles in minutes by using Datacolor's Strip-Reading Spectrocolorimeter and SpyderGuide.