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International Chamber of Commerce

The largest business organization in the world. It provides arbitration services for disputes between member companies in different countries. The ICC also examines potential policies and other measures that can be taken to promote international commerce. It was established in 1919 and maintains its secretariat in Paris.

Interstate Commerce Commission

A former organization of the U.S. federal government established to regulate railroads. Among other things, it ensured fair prices for consumers and attempted to prevent racial discrimination on rail. Its jurisdiction was later expanded to include trucking. It was established in 1887 and was abolished in 1995.
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Mani, who also sits on the ICC Audit Committee which is chaired by Yuvraj Narayan, said: 'I am grateful to the ICC chairman for the confidence he has reposed in me and look forward to working with Manu Sawhney and his team.'
2(e)(i) and as such has been expelled from Membership of the ICC
This unequivocal signal comes after the ICC also opened an investigation into the situation in Burundi.
"The ICC, despite its shortcomings, remains one of the few available tools to bring justice if national courts fail to do so," Dicker said.
It is also recorded that the ICC and each of its members should take such steps as it considers necessary to prevent the occurrence at the international matches played within its jurisdiction or those played as part of an ICC Event (as applicable) of inappropriate racist conduct by spectators and to ensure that any such conduct is dealt with in a timely manner by the Member or ICC (as applicable) or others before, during and/or after the International Match (as may be appropriate).
He also said that only two out of the 10 Asean countries have ratified the ICC.
In 1996 he was elected by all countries to the position of Chairman of the ICC Finance and Marketing Committee, a position he held until the Committee was dissolved in June 2002 when he took over as Vice-President of the ICC Executive Board.
When asked if the ICC was expecting Oman to host more events in the future, the spokesperson said, 'It has just been announced that Oman will be hosting the ICC World Cricket League Division Three in November.
Roque said local courts are functioning so there is no reason for the ICC to investigate the President.
'It means, you geniuses, that now ICC has no jurisdiction over human rights violations in this country; all because hormone-deficient hysterics got their rocks off upholding the human rights of drug dealers and moral-equating selling drugs with being of a persecuted race or religion,' Locsin tweeted.
India's Cheteshwar Pujara has been named the Emerging Cricketer of the Year, one of the most prestigious awards given annually by the International Cricket Council (ICC).