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The I-SPY Act takes a different approach to the problem of spyware: it would extend federal criminal penalties under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (133) to "illicit indirect use of protected computers.
141) However, the Act also contains criminal penalties that mirror those of the I-SPY Act.
155) CEOs of the Business Software Alliance (BSA) also seem to support the bills, albeit hesitantly; for example, BSA President Robert Holleyman said that both the SPY ACT and I-SPY Act have "good elements.
174) Thus, the best approach is for the Senate to continue to refine and ultimately pass the Counter Spy Act, which would hopefully garner support in the House from those who backed both the SPY ACT and the I-SPY Act.
Compare I-SPY Act, supra note 13, [section] 2(a) with SPY ACT, supra note 13, [section] 2(a).
See I-SPY Act, supra note 13, [section] 2(a) ("Whoever intentionally accesses a protected computer without authorization .