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For me, the whole thing was nothing more than a shameless plug for the album - and I'll warrant the record company put their hands in their pockets to ensure the audience'turned up and was suitably fed and watered.
David Cameron met the top brass of Murdoch's empire 26 times over the last 15 months - more meetings than he had with our military leadership, with our captains of industry, with just about anybody other than his wife, I'll warrant.
I'll warrant they really heard her a mile away on Hope Mountain in Tir-Paenau and Tri-Thy.
He talked, my goodness how he talked, about his wife and family, but I'll warrant he's a lonely, single man.
Prong two is a continued focus on child poverty, a big theme of Wednesday's Budget, I'll warrant.
You know the economy is bad when skilled workers like Terry McDermott are unemployed, albeit briefly I'll warrant.