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III] Based on US market share for GLIDEWIRE Urologic Guidewire and GLIDEWIRE Hydrophilic Coated Guidewire as of 2014
Under similar operating conditions, the hydrophilic specimens always retain much less water than specimens that are relatively more hydrophobic.
The impact of hydrophilic coating on the air-side pressure drop of finned-tube heat exchangers has been researched, and it is found that the impact is related to the working conditions (Wang et al.
Solution co-polymerization of DEGDMA with each of AM, MAA or HEMA using a-irradiation as a radical polymerization initiation technique under the same aforementioned experimental conditions were carried out in order to obtain a graft co-polymers onto Teflon membrane with different hydrophilic and hydrophobic moieties with amphiphilic properties according to the relative ratio between the two components in the initial mixture.
2] with hydrophilic dispersant was chosen for this purpose.
Felker and Fanta are hoping the hydrophilic starch coating will nibble away at that surplus, either by making plastic films more water-friendly or by another novel application.
The relatively new soft hydrophilic -- water-containing -- lens affords patients the advantage of instantaneous comfort, unlike its predecessor, the hard lens.
We are extremely pleased that our hydrophilic coating was selected for use on the delivery catheter of Medtronic's Resolute Integrity DES delivery system.
Omnova Solutions has introduced SoftWick NW10 hydrophilic finishing treatment for nonwoven fabrics.
Key statement: A carbon black reinforced rubber composition which contains hydrophilic sorbitan monostearate and specialized tackifying resin and a pneumatic rubber tire having a visually observable rubber component, such as for example a rubber sidewall, of said rubber composition.
Hydrophilic Lens Offerings Enhance and Extend Bausch + Lomb's Ophthalmic Surgery Portfolio
There is a need for hydrophilic porous polymeric materials.