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As the operating conditions of hybrid propulsion system are more complex, the torsional vibration mechanism is more complex.
Toyota has improved a gasoline-electric hybrid propulsion mechanism, so the upcoming hybrid Corolla model may provide greater fuel efficiency, the source said.
Taipei, May 25, 2012 (CENS) -- The Automotive Research & Testing Center (ARTC) of Taiwan recently signed a cooperation letter of intent (LOI) with NAMI (Central Scientific Research Automobile and Automotive Engines Institute) of Russia, to engage in exchanges and cooperation in standardization, testing and certification, and R&D projects in electric vehicle (EV), hybrid propulsion, automotive-electronics fields, with the partnership, according to the ARTC, to help Taiwanese carmakers and parts makers to create a new market.
In the professional category the first prize went to the AHTO-985 6x6 design by Bulent Ozkurt, based on a hybrid propulsion system with in-wheel electric motors powered by batteries.
Nasdaq: QTWW), a company involved in the development and production of hybrid propulsion systems, energy storage technologies, alternative fuel vehicles and applications including hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and hydrogen and owner of a portfolio of renewable energy farm projects, has reported the results for its second quarter of fiscal 2012.
The ships will be of Rolls-Royce UT 731 CD design and the British group will provide deck machinery, vessel control systems and a diesel-electric hybrid propulsion systems.
The ship was limited in the amount of fuel it could carry, so it was a vessel with hybrid propulsion.
BAE Systems has produced hybrid propulsion systems for city transit buses since 1998.
INITIAL LIGHT BULB Four CU-Boulder aerospace grad students--Alec Velazco, Cody Humbargar, Eric Serani and Derek Hillery--studying under Jean Koster developed a hybrid propulsion system for aircraft and spun it off as startup TIGON Enertec last year.
Just as it did for these other sectors, hybrid propulsion offers significant opportunities for the military to meet its growing demands for reduced fuel consumption as well as combat vehicle performance.
The project was initiated by Maruti Suzuki under the Government initiated and SIAM coordinated NHPP and MNRE National Hybrid Propulsion Program (NHPP) and the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy Sources (MNRE)'s High Energy Density Battery Development Program.
The Wall Street Journal reported that the assets for sale include hybrid propulsion systems for buses and trucks, a commercial avionics business and another unit that makes aircraft-engine controls for General Electric (NYSE:GE).
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