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The Honda Insight hybird car left the road and struck a sign while leaving the southbound carriagway entering the services at 5.50am yesterday.
"I think that what's happened over the last five years is, for the first time, we're really seeing much more awareness of energy efficiency," Miller said, citing the growing popularity of hybird cars.
(5) Eric Williams, "Energy Intensity of Computer Manufacturing: Hybird Assessment Combining Process and Economic Input-Output Methods", Environmental Science and Technology 38 (2004): 6166-74, at <> [10 Apr.
Choi, "Hybird mode wideband patch antenna loaded with a planar metamaterial unit cell," IEEE Trans.
A new iPhone 5 concept design has put a new spin on the Samsung-Apple wars -- a hybird iSung
Hybird Suite - a room with built-in diagnostic capabilities such as those used in the cardiac cath lab and radiology.
Basuki Ismael, Industrial Relations Manager of Lotte Mart Indonesia, said the one to be opened in Kelapa Gading constitutes a product of a new concept of modern market called Lotte Hybird, which will take place beside a wholesale outlet in the same building.
The French company Lisa is building a prototype small plane, dubbed the HyBird, that uses solar power and hydrogen-powered fuel cells to fly with zero emissions.
Around 8,500 of its flagship third-generation Prius hybird cars in the UK are to be recalled because of concerns over a braking problem.
International Conference on Hybird Intelligent Systems (9th: 2009: Shenyang, China) Ed.
I argue that by cross-breeding Feuillade with Johnny To/King Hu, Assayas creates an alternative to Hollywood's own attempt to cross Hong Kong and European cinema, a hybird represented in Irma Vep by the action film Hard Target (1993), Hong Kong director John Woo's first Hollywood film, starring Jean Claude Van Damme.