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In the field experiment mentioned earlier, Huz and colleagues (Huz et al., 1997; Huz, 1999) find significant shifts in participants' goal structures, change strategies and understanding of how the system functioned.
Armstrong, Huz, and Evans (1992) suggested that the domains family, school, and community be assessed.
Marlyn "Huz" Jensen's Saturday morning routine didn't vary much for 23 years.
"My huz just killed it on the Brits," Us magazine quoted her as tweeting.
The evaluation described here is based on the evaluation frameworks developed by Huz et al.
Estimates of effort (fisher hours) for the low (LUZ) and high (HUZ) usage zone portion of each 10-nm section of the Perth recreational abalone fishery.
First, inorganic matter might contain some essential nutrients that are assimilated through the gut or may have microalgal food items bound to their surface (Huz et al.
The army troops managed to gain control over Huz neighborhood in the center of Ramadi city.
The victory will pave the ground for the Iraqi army to clean up the city center from ISIL terrorists and rebuild the bridge connecting Huz and the Southern outskirts of Ramadi, including Qadisiya region, which in turn would facilitated dispatch of troops and arms logistics to the Iraqi forces.
"The security forces, supported by the popular forces, killed 300 ISIL terrorists in clashes in Huz and Sajariyah in Al-Ramadi area in the past three weeks," Major General Qassem Al-Mohammadi, the commander of the Iraqi army's operations in Al-Anbar province, said.