human resource management

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human resource management (HRM)

The management of people in an organization. This term for people management is increasingly preferred to PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT. Operationally, human resource management (HRM) has a similar focus to personnel management: RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION, PAYMENTS SYSTEMS, TRAINING etc.

However, HRM is often seen to be qualitatively different to personnel management. The notion of people as a resource implies a sophisticated approach to getting the most out of this factor of production. This may include the nurturing of HUMAN CAPITAL, and may therefore involve a ‘people-centred’ approach to management. Some critics, however, see such an approach as manipulative and ‘hard-edged’. A further claim is that HRM has a closer link to BUSINESS STRATEGY than traditional personnel management, and is also more focused on achieving key business outcomes, such as profits. In some countries (though not generally the UK), HRM is contrasted with INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS, and is seen as being anti-TRADE UNION. However, some critics argue that HRM is little more than personnel management with a trendy new name.

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Thus it would appear that the human resource manager wishes to recruit business school graduates who appreciate and understand integrity and confidentiality in communication and those who are capable of preparing neat documents which have been carefully prepared and reviewed and which contain proper grammar without errors in punctuation or in spelling.
Employers and employees alike expect the human resource manager to smooth or work out trouble, because trouble impedes the performance of individuals and the organization.
The company earned high praise from City Council members for its recently completed search for a city manager for Camarillo, said Jenny Roney, the city's human resource manager.
Hresource offers a human resource manager to small- and medium-sized businesses that can't afford or don't need one full-time.
Giddings, human resource manager, Goldens' Foundry & Machine Co.
Kendall, a former commercial banker with SouthTrust, later Wachovia, joined the bank in 2005, initially as human resource manager, vice president.
In addition to previous experience as a consultant installing, implementing, and supporting Sage Abra Suite, she has recently worked as a human resource manager for five different companies including Enron Wind Energy Division and General Electric.
Prince, however, highlighted the flip side: "One of the greatest single impacts that a human resource manager can have in an organization is to reduce its turnover costs.
Margaret Frucci, human resource manager, Ocean Medical Center, part of Meridian Health System and Aaron Hardy, wellness coordinator, Washoe County School District, will provide inside details on how team competitions can spark interest in wellness programs and the end results they can have on improving the health of employees.
Don Bregande is a seasoned human resource manager with extensive experience in employee communications, staffing and recruitment, compensation and benefits, union relations and organizational development," said Bob Chapman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Penn Traffic.
Up to now if a human resource manager had a detailed question about HR management compliance or policy in her state - good luck
Veena is a seasoned human resource manager with a track record of developing and executing successful programs for employee recruitment and retention, and I expect her to an make important contribution to Trigent's continued growth.

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