human capital

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Human capital

The unique capabilities and expertise of individuals.
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Human Capital

The measure of the output an employee with a certain skill set is able to make. The concept of human capital was developed in the 1960s and is founded on the idea that hard work, education, and skill development all lead to more output. As a result, companies are encouraged to invest in human capital through various means such as education and bonuses for exceptionally good work, among others.
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human capital

the notion that human capabilities may be developed along the same lines as other forms of capital (e.g. PHYSICAL CAPITAL). Education and TRAINING are key elements of the human capital perpective. An economic perspective is typically applied to the analysis of human capital, and it is suggested that there are costs and returns to investments in human capital.
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human capital

the body of human knowledge that contributes ‘know-how’ to productive activity. The knowledge base of a nation is added to by research and disseminated by teaching through general education and vocational training. INVESTMENT in human capital results in new, technically improved, products and production processes that improve ECONOMIC EFFICIENCY, and it can be as significant as physical CAPITAL in promoting ECONOMIC GROWTH. See ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.
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The event is organised by the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and will take place between October 15-16 under the slogan 'Gulf human capital, a promising wealth.' The conference will see the participation of various decision makers and business leaders from the UAE and GCC as well as representatives from the private sector.
The study also discusses the cost method of human capital, most commonly associated with Kendrick (1976).
He stressed that human capital "is the most important element" in achieving the goals of sustainable development.
'This development in human capital will march Malaysia towards Transformasi Nasional 2050 (TN50),' he said at the third edition of the Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi Human Capital Summit Series themed, 'Winning in the Age of Disruption: Productivity and Adaptability' here.
To investigate the relationship between FDI and human capital with economic development.
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4) once remarked: "Because of the ambiguities that burden capital theory, we do well to bypass it, and rely on a theory of investment and the rates of return to investment opportunities." Accordingly, human capital theory deliberately avoided issues from the Knight-Hayek debate about what is gained and lost by treating capital as homogeneous rather than heterogeneous, and production as instantaneous rather than time-consuming (White 2016, pp.
NEDA will represent the country in several side meetings like the Human Capital Project: Early Adopters Ministerial Roundtable and Forum on October 10, and the Third Human Capital Summit 2018 on October 11.
New findings concerning Gender Based Pay Equity Research through the lens Comparable Worth and Occupational Mobility are covered extensively in Human Capital Metrics, Analytics and Data Mining Chapters.
In addition, the report provides analysis of the human capital management market with respect to the following geographic segments:

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