human capital

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Human capital

The unique capabilities and expertise of individuals.
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Human Capital

The measure of the output an employee with a certain skill set is able to make. The concept of human capital was developed in the 1960s and is founded on the idea that hard work, education, and skill development all lead to more output. As a result, companies are encouraged to invest in human capital through various means such as education and bonuses for exceptionally good work, among others.
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human capital

the notion that human capabilities may be developed along the same lines as other forms of capital (e.g. PHYSICAL CAPITAL). Education and TRAINING are key elements of the human capital perpective. An economic perspective is typically applied to the analysis of human capital, and it is suggested that there are costs and returns to investments in human capital.
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human capital

the body of human knowledge that contributes ‘know-how’ to productive activity. The knowledge base of a nation is added to by research and disseminated by teaching through general education and vocational training. INVESTMENT in human capital results in new, technically improved, products and production processes that improve ECONOMIC EFFICIENCY, and it can be as significant as physical CAPITAL in promoting ECONOMIC GROWTH. See ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.
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Liability for organizations in these environments ranges from property and human assets to interruption of future revenues.
CRM software has moved into an evolutionary phase where companies are trying to better utilize their human assets. In this climate, marketing automation has seemingly exploded overnight; countless companies big and small are assessing how these tools can help power their business.
The awards ceremony was part of the 2015 Mena Human Assets Expansion Summit, which celebrates leading employers and HR practitioners for their outstanding achievements and drive for impactful human capital strategies.
The company has great technical and human assets that will be integral to maintaining and improving its leadership position," said Paul Molinier.
RFS Managing Director Tilman Friedrich says the strategy draws staff and directors closer to the company, and gives the company a more accurate reflection of the needs of society, as seen through the eyes of its human assets.
Renfinity's patent pending Secure Grid[R] solution uses secure RFID to track and restrict the movement of physical and human assets as they move within a facility.
Human Ken Justin Jedlica has all his human assets in place.
HR manager is a kind of an agent between human assets and an
We decided to run the ministry through maintaining calm and trust in experienced managers and other human assets of the ministry." "Iran's oil industry will continue its path towards development and growth and will achieve its targets by reliance on its capable human resources," Qassemi concluded.
A TOP official of Qatar Petroleum (QP) was recognised as an "HR Champion of Change" and QP also received an award for "Distinction in Learning and Development" at the 5th Mena HR Excellence Awards, which was recently held in Dubai as part of the 8th Annual Human Assets Expansion Summit Mena 2013.
Some members focused on the incentives for the youth stating that home loans may be provided at cheaper rate of interest for the youth up to the age of 35 years and scope of MGNREGA be expanded to include creation of human assets along with physical assets in the rural areas.
One of the most important assets in that acquisition is this facility, as well as the important human assets of the people who work here."

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