human capital

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Human capital

The unique capabilities and expertise of individuals.

Human Capital

The measure of the output an employee with a certain skill set is able to make. The concept of human capital was developed in the 1960s and is founded on the idea that hard work, education, and skill development all lead to more output. As a result, companies are encouraged to invest in human capital through various means such as education and bonuses for exceptionally good work, among others.

human capital

the notion that human capabilities may be developed along the same lines as other forms of capital (e.g. PHYSICAL CAPITAL). Education and TRAINING are key elements of the human capital perpective. An economic perspective is typically applied to the analysis of human capital, and it is suggested that there are costs and returns to investments in human capital.

human capital

the body of human knowledge that contributes ‘know-how’ to productive activity. The knowledge base of a nation is added to by research and disseminated by teaching through general education and vocational training. INVESTMENT in human capital results in new, technically improved, products and production processes that improve ECONOMIC EFFICIENCY, and it can be as significant as physical CAPITAL in promoting ECONOMIC GROWTH. See ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.
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employer, while in Armenia human assets are the most valuable of all assets," Karapetyan said.
Asset specificity encompasses physical, organizational, and human assets, and is considered the most important attribute of a transaction, largely responsible for observable differences in transaction costs.
Currently, four types of quantitative criteria are being used to identify least developed countries: Population; Per Capita Gross National Income (GNI); Human Assets Index (including the subcategories education; nutrition; health); Economic Vulnerability Index (including export concentration; instability of exports of goods and services; instability of agricultural production; homelessness; share of agriculture, forestry and fisheries in GDP; remoteness from main world markets).
Which brings us to a topic often tested in F2 papers-and, therefore, dear to the examiner's heart: human asset accounting and the recognition problems it poses.
Under the agreement METI, which specialises in medical simulation technologies and educational software, will acquire all intellectual and human assets of Lionis.
Gulf Bank announced that it has won the coveted "Employer of the Year" award at the 2nd GCC Human Resource Excellence Awards 2010 held in conjunction with the 5th Human Assets Middle East Congress.
Those of us who value our racing but cannot always be there in person may wish the corporation to take advantage of the human assets at its disposal and extend its coverage of this great sport.
At HSBC Amanah we attach paramount importance to these aspects and our partnership with a leading institute like CIMA is a clear example of our commitment to address the challenge of human assets, which remains a pressing issue for the Islamic finance industry globally.
It hypothesizes that a firm's preference between sell-off and layoff depends on the underlying transaction costs, which in turn are contingent on the relative specificity of physical and human assets.
The magazine is targeted to senior-level management, senior HR professionals, and organizational development executives whose job is to optimize the abilities of their human assets.
Mrs Blair said Saudi Arabia and other countries that discourage women from pursuing careers were squandering vital human assets, whose loss was triggering further deficiencies in health, income and technological advances.

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