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We are secretly dancing little happy jigs because it seems that the insanity is about to, finally, end and the snake-oil hucksters will fold up their tents, take their sleazy subprime offers and slink out of town.
Hooper has his notable huckster Simon Suggs observe, "It is good to be shifty in a new country.
Webster's defines "snake oil" as "any of various liquid concoctions of questionable medical value sold as an all-purpose curative, especially by traveling hucksters.
The store and huckster wagon was passed on to Herb when his father died in 1933.
This type of huckster used an open-sided wagon pulled by a horse until about 1930, when he graduated to a motorized vehicle that had open sides or wire mesh on the sides.
And now the whole enterprise of education is at the mercy of hucksters who come in the guise of social scientists.
Nothing will wake Martial the light sleeper, nor the hammerer of gold dust he complained of, the sleepy huckster of matches to schoolmasters who hammered the day's first lesson home.
I attended that school from 1945-50 and Miss Wiggins was the head teacher, Miss Bull was "top class" teacher and Mr Huckster took PE - everyone's favourite, especially the girls
The TV huckster should be made to feel the consequences of his latest reckless behavior.
In the post-Warholian universe, the elaborated artistic persona need not take the form of dandy/gadfly or Dale Carnegie huckster, and Burdin, in appropriating the pop-goth semiotic, inhabits, though not without the requisite note of irony, such outre personae as the shaman/high priest and the outsider/wildman, lifting them from the only quarter in which they still work their magic--pop music.
IN the 1939 comedy classic You Can't Cheat an Honest Man , WC Fields plays an unscrupulous carnival huckster trying to propel an unwilling public under the flap of his sideshow tent.