mortgage-backed revenue bond

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Mortgage-Backed Revenue Bond

A municipal bond that is issued in order to finance low-cost mortgages for residents of the municipality. The bonds are guaranteed by the payments made on these mortgages. In many ways, they are similar to mortgage-backed securities, but they are issued by a local government instead of private entity. A mortgage-backed revenue bond is also called a housing bond.

mortgage-backed revenue bond

A municipal bond, the proceeds of which are used to provide funds to financial institutions for making mortgage loans at relatively low interest rates. Interest and principal on the bond are backed by borrower payments on the mortgages. As with other revenue bonds, the quality varies significantly among different issues of these securities. Also called housing bond.
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I'm pleased to see these ideas are starting to get traction and in particular the Brummie Bond investment issue which I have been asserting is central to all of this - housing bonds.
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1 issuer of multi-family affordable housing bonds in the nation.
In addition, to satisfy federal regulations regarding tax-exempt housing bonds under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 142(d) and to maintain the residential status of the facility, nursing, medical, and psychiatric services may nor be offered on a "continuous basis.
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Only days before Tuesday's election, officials also used the event to lobby for two ballot initiatives -- Proposition 1C and Measure H -- which would provide housing bonds to fund affordable housing for the homeless.
NEW YORK, April 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Oregon's $9,440,000 General Obligation Elderly & Disabled Housing Bonds, 1994 Series A and $40,300,000 General Obligation Alternate Energy Project Bonds are rated "AA" by Fitch.
This can include tax breaks like allowing IRA money to be used for downpayments or creating housing bonds, or a savings-bond like instrument that would allow people to defer taxes while saving up for a new-home purchase.
5 billion of parity housing bonds outstanding under the general resolution as of June 30, 2012.
After lawmakers decided to add more than $37 billion in transportation, flood control, school and housing bonds to this November's ballot, the high-speed rail measure became a casualty again.
Housing Bonds will provide the capital for Americans presently locked out of the first-time new home market with the access to below-market rate mortgages, while encouraging Americans to save for their children's future ability to afford their own homes.

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