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Most of the discussion has focused on the median and average hourly wage, but these measures are sensitive to changes in the mix of occupations.
The increase in average hourly wages over the 4-year period for the occupations shown ranged from 2.
Monthly and Hourly Wages of Women and Men, 1990 and 2004 (gross wage income of employees, in constant 2004 prices) Wage Women's Wages Year Gender in NIS as a % of Men's Wages Monthly 1990 Men's 7,090 Women's 4,026 57% 2004 Men's 8,459 Women's 5,357 63% Hourly 1990 Men's 37.
Department of Labor, Vedder says only lawyers and judges earned significantly more than teachers on a weekly basis in 2001 and their hourly wage topped the highest paid category of workers--in executive, administrative and managerial fields.
To construct the index, CMS first standardizes the reported hourly wages to remove the effects of different fiscal period-end dates, and then adjusts them to remove wage and hourly data from non-hospital portions of each facility's business.
The average hourly wage for all technologist respondents in 2001 was $20.
We modified the commodity grade businesses like the Walkman, housewares and accessories, and we put those people on an hourly wage, and we eliminated commissions," he said.
When the new contracts are in effect, production workers at these two plants will still earn the highest hourly wages of any unionized Tower workers.
As a result, the hourly wages of men (and of women in full-time work) pull further and further ahead.
In the EU27, hourly wages and salaries expanded by 2.
The idea also received the support of the Chair of the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA), Dimitar Brankov, who points out it would allow people to have several jobs, adding international experience shows countries with minimum hourly wages have the lowest unemployment rate.