horizontal analysis

Horizontal analysis

The process of dividing each expense item of a given year by the same expense item in the base year. It allows assessment of changes in the relative importance of expense items over time and the behavior of expense items as sales change.

Horizontal Analysis

In fundamental analysis, the comparison of a financial ratio or some other benchmark to the same ratio or benchmark for a different period of time. For example, horizontal analysis may investigate whether a company's earnings have gone up or down over a given quarter or year. Horizontal analysis may be used in making investment decisions to determine a company's financial health. In general, a horizontal analyst chooses a timeframe to match the timeframe of a possible investment.

horizontal analysis

Comparison of financial statements or specific items in a financial statement that covers two or more periods. Compare vertical analysis.
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A horizontal analysis can be conducted on net income compared to assets over several years and used to determine if growth in the figure is typical for the industry or looks out of the ordinary.
i) the assessment of credit institutions~ internal models; (ii) conducting horizontal analysis of internal models; (iii) analysing the drivers of the variability of risk-weighted assets; and (iv) the review of credit institutions~ compliance with prudential rules on internal models (the CRD IV and the CRR requirements, the relevant draft EBA~s regulatory technical standards, together with the level 2/implementing regulations on internal models, e.
The company also introduced the multi X 2500, which uses double furnace technology and features a tilting furnace that combines the advantages of both vertical and horizontal analysis on a single-analysis system.
We are going to carry out a horizontal analysis of the reform process," explained Slovenia's Ambassador in Brussels, Igor Sen ar.
Learning Objective 1 * To define "comparative financial statements" and conduct a horizontal analysis and trend analysis.
It will be a question of proceeding with a horizontal analysis of the process to reform the treaties and considering a dozen elements which will have to be implemented.
Horizontal analysis, however, focuses on percentage changes and highlights the relative magnitude of an increase or decrease in sales, cash, net income, or any other financial statement item.
The author specifically addresses three auditing techniques--ratio analysis, horizontal analysis, and vertical analysis--that investigators can use to systemically analyze financial statements for investigative leads.
Consistent with the horizontal analysis this framework for organizing the overhead data flows from the actual to the flexible budget to the standard applied overhead costs of production.
BYTE will supplement these case studies with a horizontal analysis that identifies how positive externalities canbe amplified and negative externalities can be diminished.
The book first emphasizes cash flows in a framework for which students have a reference and understanding, which the authors build upon to develop a more concise horizontal analysis model approach than found in many new books, concentrating on the balance sheet and showing the effects of transactions on revenues, expenses, and dividends through an extensive presentation of retained earnings.
Among the more widely used methods are horizontal analysis, trend analysis, vertical analysis and ratio analysis.