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Horizontal acquisitions occur when firms acquire their competitors, vertical acquisitions occur when firms acquire their suppliers or distributors, and conglomerate acquisitions occur when firms acquire unrelated firms.
Accordingly, we should see a relationship between the type of acquisition (horizontal, vertical, or conglomerate) completed by the tied-to and focal firms: Hypothesis 3a (H3a): The number of prior horizontal acquisitions by tied-to firms is positively associated with the number of current horizontal acquisitions by the focal firm.
Horizontal acquisitions, where similar companies serving the same market merge, are more likely to raise competition concerns.
Management expects that future horizontal acquisitions should increase its average gross revenue per installation from the current average of $30,000 to over $100,000.
These acquisitions reflect the strategy outlined when we formed the company to grow our business annually by 20% through vertical and horizontal acquisitions as well as through internal growth and we continue to be on target to do so.