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The special section begins with our framing essay (https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/13600818.2018.1508565) , which sets out conceptual, theoretical, and empirical reasons why more attention should be paid to horizontal inequality as an outcome.
Horizontal, or cross-voting, permits a voter to select names from more than one party list.
If I'm in a 20-foot-high treestand, and my rangefinder reads a horizontal distance of 20 yards to my target, I'd use a 20-yard pin.
In fact, the phenomenon is closely associated with the bidirectional impact and affected by many factors, such as vertical impact loading amplitude and frequency, horizontal impact loading amplitude and frequency, and delay time.
Many researchers investigated transient rate behavior of horizontal wells.
In assessing the previous wave tank research, Song realized the tanks failed to properly depict some important physical variables--specifically, that horizontal movement of the seafloor generates kinetic energy, and that the energy is proportional to both the ocean's depth and the speed of the seafloor's movement.
At total depth of 4,940 metres and 1.3 km horizontal section in Chiltan Formation, NF Hor-1 is one of the deepest and longest horizontal wells in tight gas reservoir drilled in Pakistan.
"Connected to the mud tank, MudVis samples fluid stock or mixing tank mud at preset intervals, logging specific gravity and viscosity values, and displaying information on a bright, sunlight viewable LCD screen," said Simon Kench, Prime Horizontal Ltd., managing director.
The flow distribution happens to be very difficult at the core of the VHTR reactor when a leakage flow moves via the horizontal gap.
Extending limit in horizontal drilling is a constrained optimization problem in which horizontal extension of the wellbore is the objective function, and kinds of ground and down-hole constraint conditions and operation conditions in horizontal drilling are considered.