time horizon

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Time horizon

The period, usually expressed in years, for which an investor expects to hold an investment.
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Time Horizon

The length of time an investment is intended to last, usually expressed in years. Having a time horizon helps an investor set his/her short-term and long-term investment plans. See also: Horizon analysis, Horizon return.
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time horizon

The interval during which an investment program is to be completed. An investor's time horizon is very important in determining the types of investments that should be selected. For example, investments that would be appropriate for an individual's retirement in 30 years are seldom suitable for reaching a short-term goal. Also called horizon.
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With the danger of an impending environmental catastrophe on the horizon, time is of the essence.
But when the fires of autumn have burned down to umber and dark purple, when the cattails hold up their tawny cylinders in the swale, when the soft mists hang on the fading horizon, time seems to stop and drowse in the sunny corner of the orchard, you know that Indian summer has captured the earth.
And with season-defining games with City and United looming large on the horizon, time is at a premium.
Lately, though, there has been a recurring theme: time for change, great opportunities on the horizon, time to take the plunge and make the most of the positive alignment of the planets.
After three Premiership defeats, and with Blackburn, Bordeaux and 1 Manchester United on the immediate horizon, time is not exactly on Liverpool's side if they're going to justify their manager's unflappable confidence.