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Actualmente se han documentado HopA (48 kDa), HopB (49 kDa) HopC (50 kDa), HopD (67 kDa), HopH [29], HopF, HopG y HorJ [70].
Evidence that a dodecamer duplication in the gene HOPA in Xq13 is not associated with mental retardation.
Tayyip Erdogan's election bus in Hopa, Artvin province, on Tuesday, critically
by Jenifer Curnow, Ngapare Hopa and Jane McRae (Auckland: Auckland University Press, 2002), pp.
Sincere thanks to Vera Hopa and Tania Brown (research assistants), and other staff at Rossendale Home & Hospital, Hamilton, New Zealand (during the year 2005); volunteers and occupational therapy students--Ngarie Magner, Liz Sheat, Tennille Lynn; Hamilton Health Management Ltd; Wendy Wright for her comments on this manuscript; and most importantly, the participants and their families.
Los automoviles pasan por la septima avenida con las ventanas abajo, inundando la banqueta con hip hopa todo volumen.
Then we shout "hopa!" and start working (though we did that before the recession, too).
hopa foram as que apresentaram maior coincidencia de floracao com a cultivar Gala, destacando-se 'Profusion' e M.
Midnight BLue hair studio presented Cuban jazz greats, the Ello Villafranca Quintet, featuring Dave Valentin, Charles Flores, Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez, and Juan Castellanos, for an exclusive Valentine's Day performance to benefit The Ray of Hopa Project, a non-profit organization that provides home repairs to low income families in Philadelphia.
(1.) For the first studies on this special field, see Hopa Bync; David Larmour, "Getting One Past the Goalkeeper: Sports and Games in Glory"; David Larmour, "Leaving Eury-dice in the Dark: The Absent Woman in Nabokov's Early Fiction."