Stock Exchange of Hong Kong

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Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (SEHK)

Only stock exchange located in Hong Kong.

Stock Exchange of Hong Kong

The only stock exchange in Hong Kong. Established in 1891, it lists more than 1,200 companies with a market capitalization of more than $2 trillion. The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong is relatively unusual in that many stocks, even for well-established companies, often trade for a low dollar amount. As a result, the exchange has a rather low definition of penny stock. It is one of the premier exchanges in East Asia. It is also known as the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
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GECAS did not file for an IPO on the Hong Kong exchange or elsewhere and is not raising equity through any public offering," GE Capital said in a statement.
Shares in AgBank will debut on the Hong Kong exchange on Friday, where the bank said its IPO had been nearly six times oversubscribed.
Trading in China Shipping shares was suspended in Hong Kong pending an announcement relating to an asset injection transaction, which is price-sensitive in nature, the Hong Kong exchange said.
The Hong Kong exchange reportedly stated that the suspension was pending an announcement of a "very substantial acquisition".
They are almost always frenetic, swirling masses of people; with the exception of the hushed arrays of computer operators in his 1994 diptych of the Hong Kong exchange, these pictures look loud.
But the two markets are trading the same securities, and some of them (about 30) are also traded in the current Hong Kong exchange.
In 1984, the year Britain agreed to return Hong Kong to China, the turnover at the Hong Kong exchange was about $13 million a day.
The company's Haitong International Holdings Limited unit is in discussion to acquire Banco Espirito Santo, or BESI, from Novo Banco SA, the report said, citing a Hong Kong exchange filing.
In a statement to the Hong Kong exchange, BIHL said it had "noted the increase of the share price and increase in trading volume of the shares.
In Hong Kong, RTS has expanded into new office space and initiated plans to move its data center to the Hong Kong Exchange (HKEx) co-location facility.
China's two other major airlines China Southern and China Eastern are already listed on the Hong Kong exchange.
The Hong Kong Exchange confirmed Beijing Liangzhu had been given seven days from the date of the announcement to deposit an initial PS750,000.

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