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Home run

Large capital gain in a stock in a short period of time.

Home Run

An investment that results in an especially large capital gain in a very short period of time. For example, one may buy a stock that jumps from $5 per share to $55 per share in only six months. A home run results in huge capital gains for the stockholder or other investor. This term can be used for any investment vehicle, especially an IPO. See also: Hot issue.

home run

An investment that produced a large return in a short period of time for its purchaser. For example, an investor might purchase shares in an initial public offering that moves sharply upward in subsequent trading in the secondary market.
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Barry's homerun totals from 1993 have only been passed twice and only once since he switched to the latest elbow guard in 2001.
D homerun salutes generate is designed to help reduce the incidence of drunk driving.
For each homerun hit by a Colorado Rockies player during Spring Training (March 1 - April 1), Coors Light will donate $500, up to $20,000 total, to the Mile High United Way, an organization focused on building a better community for metro Denver.
200 average and no homeruns in 10 at-bats this season and Zach Greinke who he hasn't faced this season.
Bonds, who set the single season homerun record in October with 73, will appear live by phone with Shop At Homes' sports collectibles show host Julie Tello and the President of Kent Collectibles, Steve Hoskins.
Lou has hit homeruns in many ball parks and made outstanding plays in many different positions; that type of experience is uncommon.
the leading provider of e-Catalog Essentials -- including search and automated product classification and attribute extraction solutions, announced today that HomeRuns.
During his successful career, Ruth set a single-season record of 60 homeruns in 1927.
Clients include Kozmo, Homeruns, Gateway (GTW), Travelocity (TVLY), and Macys.
Edgewater Technology, an award-winning e-business consulting and systems integration firm, today announced that HomeRuns.
Dell (Nasdaq:DELL), a world leader in Internet commerce and infrastructure, today announced that Internet grocer HomeRuns.
The park features the shortest right field in all of baseball (307 feet) with homeruns landing into San Francisco Bay, breathtaking views of the Bay and the downtown skyline from inside the ballpark, "knot holes" in the right field wall that allow fans standing outside, along the portwalk, the ability to view the game for free.