Home Equity Loan

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Home Equity Loan

A loan in which the one borrows against the value of one's home. That is, the collateral of a home-equity loan is one's house. The amount in these loans is generally the difference between the homeowner's equity in the house and the market value of the house. The homeowner receives the amount of the loan in a lump sum, and may use it to finance other purchases or ventures. If a home-equity loan is not paid off, the lender may take possession of and sell the house in order to pay for the loan; this can occur even if the homeowner continues to make payments on his/her mortgage. These loans generally have variable interest rates, which are nonetheless still lower than most other lines of credit. Home-equity loans are sometimes called second mortgages or equity loans. See also: Reverse mortgage.

Home equity loan.

A home equity loan, sometimes called a second mortgage, is secured by the equity in your home.

You receive the loan principal, minus fees for arranging the loan, in a lump sum. You then make monthly repayments over the term of the agreement, just as you do with your first, or primary, mortgage.

The interest rates on home equity loans are generally lower than the rates on unsecured loans. However, when you borrow against your equity you run the risk of foreclosure if you default on the loan, even if you have continued to make the required payments on your first mortgage.

Home Equity Loan

Same as Second Mortgage.

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9 billion drop in home equity lending available to businesses is still relatively small when you consider that, in the 2000 to 2008 time period, balances on home equity lines rose more than $66 billion a year, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York's Consumer Credit Panel.
The FirstCity capital markets division, started in 1997, focuses on subprime home equity lending and capital market transaction support.
Both the housing and lending markets can expect a rise in trade-up home buying, renovations, jumbo lending, and home equity lending as well.
FirstClose, a provider of end-to-end technology solutions for refinance and home equity lenders nationwide, has migrated Fulton Financial Corporation (NASDAQ: FULT), to its new, FirstClose Report system to provide Fulton Financial access to the full refinance and home equity lending technology solution and vendor management system, the company said.
Charlotte, NC-based Bank of America (BofA) has renamed its mortgage and home equity lending operations as Bank of America Home Loans.
NEW YORK, A private equity investment firm, has agreed to acquire the home equity lending platform of DeepGreen Bank, Cleveland.
Clearstar's auto loans and home equity lending have been hit hard with losses: $3.
The restructuring will also cap Irwin's remaining exposure to the national home equity lending business.
In a press release, NHEMA expressed "regret that [ACORN] seems to be extending criticism to the entire subprime home equity lending industry.
The Federal Reserve Board on July 20, 2000, invited consumers, consumer advocacy organizations, lenders, and other interested parties to participate in public hearings on predatory practices in the home equity lending market.
According to Moody's, HSBC USA has increased provisions for its credit losses as its asset quality indicators weakened, particularly with its credit card, residential mortgage and home equity lending portfolios, Reuters noted in a related report.
As described in the 1998 report, abusive practices in home equity lending take many forms but principally fall within two categories.

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